About Deep Earth Haiku

Deep Earth Haiku grew out of a project called Earth in Five Reactions (E5R). The project, sponsored by the Deep Carbon Observatory, brought together Earth scientists from around the world to identify the five reactions that make Earth habitable:

  1. Hydrogenation | Dehydrogenation
  2. Carboxylation | Decarboxylation
  3. Carbonation | Decarbonation
  4. Carbon dioxide dissolution | Outgassing
  5. Hydration | Dehydration

Haiku is a familiar Japanese verse form most often composed of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. Earth in Five Reactions researchers are using haiku to express key themes behind these deep Earth reactions to the scientific community and the public.

You can contribute your own haiku using this form. Submitted haiku will be featured in an online digital book and integrated into DeepCarbon 2019, the Deep Carbon Observatory's final science meeting to be held in Washington, DC, 24–26 October 2019.